All about our Deep Interior Cleaning

All about our Deep Interior Cleaning

We at P&N use a two-system deep cleaning process, firstly
by steaming, as steam is an excellent choice when cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle. The high temperatures actually kill and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

(Very important within our current times as 99.999% of enveloped viruses are eliminated. Such as the coronavirus or Influenza, and 99.99% of common bacteria.)

The second most important part of our Deep Cleaning Service is deep cleaning every portion of your vehicles inside components. Not only do we wash using our interior shampoo machine and powerful suction vacuum, but we also use professional methods that remove stains and ingrained grime, whether on seats, carpeting, or leather upholstery. This also includes a specially designed pet tool, to assist us with removing pet hairs and fur.

"Your Interior will be sanitised throughout, with clean carpets, mats and upholstery, including smelling very fresh."

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